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Instructions before registration

Before you jump to the registration, read carefully:

  • Before the registration, read our TERMS AND CONDITIONS. By registering for the festival, you confirm you have read all the information regarding passes, prices and other relevant issues at the Shag Republic website and all the information provided by you is true.
  • Before the registration, check the SCHEDULE. It consists of standard CS, SLS or Teachers’ (Shag Guides) workshops (available through a full pass) and classes with a specific topic called SHAG LABS. Some Shag Labs are suitable for both CS and SLS dancers, but there are some specific to one dance.
  • Spots for Shag Labs are limited, therefore we advise you to register for the Shag Lab(s) AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, so your spot is secured.
  • You may also register for the Shag Labs separately (outside of any pass). Please NOTE that at first you will be added to a WAITING LIST and approval will depend on the available capacity in the class.

NOTE: If you register for a Shag Lab(s) without the full pass, you should select the level of the class according to your experience. 

  • The SELECTION of the Shag Lab(s) is up to you. There are a few classes with more advanced LEVEL requirements, but otherwise you may choose according to the TOPIC or TIME preferences.
  • Before the registration, also check the section LEVELS and carefully read the description of each of them.
  • This year, there is no audition on the spot, but a SUBMISSION of a VIDEO of your dancing is required for CS CHALLENGERS and SLS ADVENTURERS. Submission of the video can be done during the registration by inserting a link to the respective box or you can send it (link or actual video) via email to within 10 calendar days from your registration.

NOTE: If you DO NOT send the video within a given timeline, your registration cannot be confirmed.

  • EARLY BIRD price is available for the first 30 full pass registrees. After this, Regular price will be applicable.
  • To create SHAG COMBO (i.e. attending 2 workshops from selection: Collegiate Shag, St. Louis Shag, Shag Guides ) select the respective passes according to your level for each dance and according to the following possibilities:

Shag Combo IS NOT possible for the combination of ST. LOUIS SHAG and SHAG GUIDES tracks due to overlap in the schedule.

Price of Shag Combo will be the price of 2 full passes reduced by ONE party pass.

  • You can register in a COUPLE (ideally) or SOLO. If you register in a couple, both registrations will be finalized after a payment of both leader and follower. You will need to know the email address of your partner during the registration. There is a 5% discount for couples registrations. If you register SOLO, please note that only limited spots are available for solo registrants and you may be placed on the WAITING LIST.
  • Parties are FREE for you, if you buy a COLLEGIATE SHAG, ST. LOUIS SHAG or SHAG GUIDES full pass. Otherwise there is a Party Pass, however, there is only a limited number of Party Passes for this event.
  • When you select your ticket(s) (full pass, two full passes = Shag Combo or just a party pass), you can choose which CURRENCY you would like to pay in (CZK or EUR).
  • You may choose from the following PAYMENT METHODS:
    • Pay by card via ComGate
    • Bank transfer

For more information, read our Terms and Conditions section relevant for Ordering and payment. 

  • When you register, you should receive a CONFIRMATION EMAIL including payment details (if you choose bank transfer). This email is NOT an approval of your registration. The registration is APPROVED after the successful payment of the registree(s) (solo vs couple). If you did not receive any confirmation email, contact us on or via chat on our FB page Shag Republic.



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